For all of our budget conscious guests, we’ve come up with a menu of home cooked flavor with a wallet-friendly price. The menu changes every week, so make sure you check often!

Homemade Rice Pudding - $2.99
The perfect ending to any meal. Just like Grandma used to make.

Turkey Cran-nutty Sandwich
Thinly sliced turkey breast with sun-dried cranberries, walnuts and cream cheese. Served on thick sliced Traverse City cherry bread.

Fried Bologna & Bacon Sandwich
A thick slice of all-beef bologna sauteed with grilled onions and bacon. Topped with American cheese and salad dressing on grilled Texas Toast.

$7.99 choices:

The All American
Thinly-sliced turkey, ham, American and Swiss cheese topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Served on a steak bun.

Queso Burger
1/2 lb. juicy sirloin burger grilled to your liking, topped with spicey queso sauce and jalapenos. Served with chips.

Chicken Cacciatore
Chef Tim’s own special recipe of bite-sized breaded chicken mixed with roasted red and green peppers, sauteed onions and mushrooms in a honey marinara sauce. Served over Basmati rice with a cup of soup.

Pecan Praline BLT
Sweet and savory at its best. Sour dough rye slathered with honey mayo, lettuce, tomato, brown sugar glazed crispy bacon and roasted pecans.

Fresh Fruit & Chicken Salad
A fresh bed of greens topped with fresh fruit, boneless grilled chicken breast, sprinkled with walnuts. Served with raspberry poppyseed dressing.

1/2 Slab of BBQ Ribs
Mouth-watering, tender 1/2 slab of pork ribs swimming in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. Served with fries and cole slaw.